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Meditation is one of the most terrifying things you can do.

Meditation is one of the most terrifying things you can do. It is fear that prevents you from sitting and practicing.

Sitting down to a proper meditation is to sit down and confront fear. The process of sitting and seeing yourself as you truly are, is painful and difficult.

First you find boredom, impatience and discomfort. Most will give up at this stage, afraid to face it and move through the struggle of such an experience. Many fail at this stage as it requires practicing something very few of us know how to do; acceptance. You cannot push or wrestle through boredom, impatience or discomfort. To do so only leads to more.

This first stage is a part of who you are. To get through it, you must change. You must break yourself. You must die. To become who you are on the other side of this stage requires letting go of the person you are before it. In the acceptance and the surrender, there is only death. Death of who you are; ego, identity.

Getting up and walking away from the meditation does not free you from the boredom, impatience or discomfort. Getting up and walking away only means that you continue to carry the boredom, impatience and discomfort that sit in the background of your psyche until they are triggered and you continue to experience them. It is far more comfortable to continue life in this way than to find out who you are when these things no longer steer your life. To find out who you can be without them is what we truly fear.

To find out how free we can be.

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