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Client Review

Just completed the 30 day concentration challenge!!!

As someone who’s grown up with the instant gratification of social media I truly struggle with my attention. Working with Max has been revolutionary. He’s given me some simple yet effective tools that I could easily incorporate into my day2day.

He’s also helped me regain my morning and helped me refocus my attitude to so many things.

Couldn’t recommend the course more highly.

5 star review - Jolly Calcut

A recent study by Microsoft found that the

average human attention span

has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to

8 seconds today.

It is worth noting that goldfish have a 9-second attention span…

Over the years, as I have taught meditation,

I recognised most practitioners were unable to fully

strengthen their ability to concentrate,

making meditation impossible.

The ability to focus your concentration is essential

to be able to meditate.

I created this programme to help people strengthen their

ability to pay attention, to keep their focus,

to direct this energy where they desire.

Since creating this programme,

I have worked with people remotely,

all over the world.

People struggling with ADHD, mental health issues such as

Cotard's delusion and similar conditions,

have all seen huge improvements in their conditions.

Some even feeling that they have been cured.

My aim is to teach you the tools you need,

and once you have them,

you will never need me again.

Here is the solution to a very modern problem -

a 30 day coaching programme to ‘Find Your Focus’.

After the initial free consultation call,

I will figure out how we can approach the 30 day programme for you.

Using the information acquired through a questionnaire we run through during the

consultation, the practices and the plan will be

tailored to suit your individual needs and abilities.

The aim of the 30 days is that you work with the practices every day.

If you only have 5 minutes, then practice 5 minutes.

If you have 20 minutes, then practice 20 minutes.

Naturally, it may not be possible to practice every day, and so what is important is getting back on with it as soon as you can.


We will check in every 3/4 days for a 30 minute video call to see how you are managing and whether anything needs to be corrected or altered.

You will message me every day on WhatsApp to let me know what you have practiced each day,

along with other information, which is all information I will use in our check-in calls.

I will provide a messaging template for you.

The investment for this programme is £300.

The idea being that each day is worth £10,

and so it is down to you to get the most value out the time that you have me for.

Client Review


I did a concentration course with Max and it helped me in so, so many ways. It helped me with my ADHD and I gained a lot more than I expected to.

Not only that it helped managing my concentration, it boosted my motivation too. Everyday tasks are much easier to do now.

I also feel more connected to my body. I started noticing things I never did before and my mind is much calmer and relaxed.

It is worth saying that the techniques Max taught me also helped me with plant medicine integration process which is so rewarding. It also prepared me for work I did with plant medicine after the course.

Max does his work well and with love, compassion and care. If you decide to work with Max and do the concentration course, you'll be in good hands and won't regret it.

5 Star review - Gabriela Klaic

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