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Welcome to my website, my name is Max and I teach Yoga and Meditation in the Hampshire/Surrey area, with yoga classes and meditation courses in Farnham, Fleet, Aldershot and Farnborough. 

The Yoga I teach is of a Hatha style, a balanced practice that works on the strength and flexibility of the body, with the primary focus being on the breathing so as to bring energy into the body and keep the mind centered in observation of feelings rather than thoughts.

I am a qualified Yoga teacher under Yoga Alliance, a qualified meditation teacher and an 'Old Student' of Vipassana. I have also started to get deeper into the world of shamanism, learning more about plant healing medicines and psychosomatic healing methods.

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Yoga became a part of my path in 2014 when I found how greatly it can improve on my meditation practice; something I had started back in 2011. It seems to be the case that most start with yoga and then move on to meditation, so I feel where I have done things the other way round, it is reflected in my teaching and where I encourage the focus of my students.
I knew that I had to become a meditation teacher after my first ever group meditation. I knew that what I had found needed to be passed on for more people to discover. In 2015 I started my meditation teacher training with Dru at their mountain lodge in Snowdonia, and a year later I began my yoga teacher training with Sam Rao.

I am trained in Hatha, and have experienced various other styles such as Iyengar, Yin, Yang, Vinyasa and even children's yoga.

Within each of these styles I have experienced various different teachers as well, all offering their own style and knowledge. I have taken something from each style and each teacher (and continue to do so) to create the yoga that i can offer.
My focus is to help others on their journeys, so that they may discover their own truths, and live lives that are glorious and healthy. My own life was leading down a dead end, where mental illness and delusions were the dark clouds filling up my blue sky, but upon discovering meditation and then yoga, the clouds gradually dispersed and I found myself in the clearest sky with the most radiant light, that had been hiding there all along.

That might be enough about me, but if it's not and you want to know more about my background and mental health then have a read here.