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Movement, Mindset & Medicines

with Maximus Walsh

No thoughts need thinking about.
There is nowhere else to be.

Meet Maximus

I became a qualified yoga and meditation

teacher back in 2016.

I became a teacher after having the good luck

of stumbling into these practices

around 2014.

Over 10 years ago, I was lost in the depths

of suffering from severe mental health issues.

At the age of 16, I was diagnosed as being depressed.

Doctors had no idea of the true extent of my mental health, where I was in fact suffering from a rare mental disorder known as Cotard's Delusion.

I believed that I was already dead;

that this experience was a dream

constructed by my dying brain.

I believed my real body was dying

in a car crash.

As I fell deeper into my illness,

doctors wanted to section me

in mental hospitals on several occasions.

I ended up homeless, living in my car,

constantly self medicating on drugs.

I found meditation.

It began to help.

Deciding to become a meditation teacher

and share what I had learnt,

I found the practice of yoga.

It helped even more.

This path has led me to understanding

the mind and the body.

How the mind can heal the body,

and the body can heal the mind.

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Concentration Coaching

Our lives and the experiences we go through are unique.

One method of healing one person may not be

quite as effective as it is for another.

Fortunately, there are many ways to heal.

Explore a few of the options I offer below:

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