Yoga Squat

Maximus Walsh

Mindset + Mobility Mentor

No thoughts need thinking about.
There is nowhere else to be.

I am currently travelling,

so all services are only available online.

Unless you are in the country that I am in!

Currently I am in:

Portugal 🇩🇪 











Padangusthasana yoga toe pose

About Maximus Walsh

I began my journey of healing from a place of

someone suffering severe mental health issues,

first diagnosed with depression

and then developing Cotard's delusion,

whilst living out of my car.

The destination of my life looking to be

headed to a dead end.

Fortunately, I found simple techniques,

that when practised regularly,

enabled me to take back control of my life and

understand how to work with my mind.

I share these practices, that have helped me

and enabled me to grow into a man who is healthy

and content, living a life free from the struggles

of mental health, with others,

so that they may come into their own power

and seek out the life that allows them

to find their freedom too.

Ready to find yours?