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Monthly Meditation Classes on Zoom

My meditation course consists of six classes, designed to guide you through all the practices you need to know, to either establish a new meditation practice, or to take you deeper into your current practice.

The classes can be taken independently, but each class has something that ties in with the others, so for a full understanding it is recommended to attend them all, and if possible, in order.

The first class goes through the essential foundations of a meditation practice, the foundations being the ability to relax and to concentrate. The next classes each bring your awareness to a deeper level of practice, guiding you to moving through the layers of the Self and of reality.

My aim with this course is to have you able to meditate without the need for external guidance. I know of people who have been using meditation apps for years, and yet have learnt very little about themselves. Ultimately meditation is a journey that can only be taken alone. A true meditation practice requires nothing but your own experience.

Meditation was my first practice in the path to healing. I spent years practicing, experimenting, trying to understand what it was all about. Meditation took me from suffering with severe mental health issues and delusions, into one who found peace. Over the years, I have shared what I leant in all of my years of practice, so that others may find the same peace in a matter of months.

Dates for the next sessions are:

 - Foundations to Meditation,

Thursday 15th February, 7-8:15pm

 - The Physical Layer,

Thursday 14th March, 7-8:15pm

 - The Life Force,

Thursday 18th April, 7-8:15pm

More dates to come.

Each class is £25 to join. On completion of the £150 payment for the full course, you will have lifetime access to all future repeats of the classes of the meditation course, whether that is in person or online.

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