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What is
meridian yoga therapy?

Much of our physical pain that we experience can come from mental or emotional problems, a psychosomatic response, indicating that there is something requiring our attention.

A headache when we are stressed is a clear example of this, but in ancient philosophies such as yoga and Chinese medicine, the body has been mapped out to connect finer points on the body to all manner of emotions and bodily processes.

Using these sophisticated systems, meridian yoga therapy allows us to explore what our body is alerting us to, the feelings and emotions we have not understood or recognised in ourselves.

We can use the energetic meridians of the body and acupressure, along with the asana practice of yoga, to work on the parts of ourselves where our emotional energy has become stuck, causing discomfort and imbalances, guiding us to the areas of our lives that can be worked on and, in doing so, heal ourselves of our sufferings.

If you have ever had acupuncture or reflexology, meridian yoga therapy uses the same framework, but rather allows us to work on ourselves, so that we may be our own healers.


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