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Hello you lovely lot, I would like to share something with you.

In fact, I want to share everything with you.

I remember seeing some yogi fella on YouTube giving a talk once, and in it he said

“I hope your dreams do not come true. Because life has something for you that is beyond your wildest dreams.”

Something like that anyways.

I had imagined whilst travelling that I could become one of those jet setters flying all about the place, making beautiful content wherever I go to create some giant online database for members funding such a pursuit.

The problem is, that is not me. From the beginning I have found it all sort of uncomfortable. (Plus somewhat frustrating when trying to meet deadlines in a world of wifi and hardware issues!) I supposed it was the regular teething issues of a new venture, so have carried on, waiting to see the feeling change.

It hasn’t. So I asked myself, what is it about this that is not sitting right? And the honest answer is, I would never pay for this kind of thing myself. Never have, never will. I can’t really want that of others then, can I!

I have taken a look at this whole enterprise and in realising that I am trying to do something in somebody else’s way, I have pondered the last few days as to how can I do it my way.

My way, is to continue creating. And to offer my creations for free.

I enjoy making this content and seeing the end result. It is not as well done as I would like it to be, but given that I have just sort of figured it all out myself, I am pleased with where I am currently at.

I will share what I create with everyone. But I will leave a link for people to donate, if they so feel moved. Kind of like a try before you buy, except the one trying gets to determine the value of the product. In this way, I can act and create without expectation, doing the work for the sake of the work itself, rather than acting in expectation of receiving.

Content that is most valued will become the content I focus on producing more of, where as that which is not, I will know to add to the giant scrap pile that I like to call “The heap of ideas before their time” amongst which you will find some of my earlier work like bubble wrap yoga…

To those of you who have supported me thus far, I am extremely grateful to you. Your continued support kept me going so that I may grow and develop in this new direction. And thank you for being patient with me.

I will make content available on my website and on YouTube. If you do watch anything, please hit the like button. It will make me smile to see the name of an old friend.

Miss you all. Much Love.


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