Begin or deepen your practice when best suits you, without even having to go outside your home.

30 day meditation course

Can you dedicate a 30 day period to practicing every day?

With 3 one hour video call appointments giving you personally tailored practices and techniques to expand your awareness and step into your own power, now could be the time to make a commitment to the best version of you.


“Needing drastic change to my hectic brain and bad coping mechanisms, Max’s 30 day meditation challenge came at a perfect time for me.
I had scepticism, due to previous YouTube or app guided attempts and doubt in my own ability. But with excitement and the want to learn I took the challenge on and I hoped for change.
Without going into too much detail and keeping this short- I couldn’t be more pleased with the results from Max’s guidance and teachings. Subtle changes started appearing within my daily life and in a way I feel like I’ve started living again. Cutting out these previously mentioned “bad coping mechanisms”, being more proactive, and more accepting and less harsh to myself.
Allowing myself to feel and not having a need to hide or shy away from that. Max is a standout meditation teacher, making you feel comfortable and giving you his wisdom to break through your walls and barriers. One of the most wholesome things from this course is that ultimately he teaches that it comes from you and that’s a really cool feeling to come away with.
It’s only just the start of my own practice yet it’s given me the confidence in my ability to continue. I feel I’ve gained knowledge and power within myself to go on and use what I’ve learnt within these 30 days to only improve, better myself and the practice. I had doubt, but this was so quickly changed around. It’s helped me navigate my mind and certain life situations in a way I hadn’t known how to and in a way I didn’t see as possible before.
Max is extremely professional while also having such a warm, calm and inviting energy that just seems to know you and where certain problems you’re facing may lie. Which he communicated in such a sensitive and knowledgeable way. I genuinely could not recommend him and this enough.
I feel I have a lot to thank him for but also myself which is pretty damn awesome.” - Freya Cannon

A short commitment for life long effects

In 30 days, begin to see the change you seek.

Start the work on the science of the Self.

The first video call will be used to understand what you are hoping to achieve from your practice, and to get an idea of your current capabilities so as to set you off on the best practice right away.

We will also discuss techniques to reconnect you to your intentions as you go through the day in between your dedicated practices, along with journalling and dream journalling. This work will begin to open you to a better awareness and understanding of your subconscious mind.

The day after this first video call your 30 days begin.

Continue with your practice as prescribed until a second video call around 14-17 days in.

This second video call will be used to explore the difficulties arising in your practices, to spend time to recognise and understand why they are happening. There will be some questions to further explore your psyche and to bring attention to aspects of your life that you may not have considered before. 

This may lead to adjustments or additions to what you practice moving forwards.

Once your 30 days is done, a third video call will run over things much like in the previous calls, looking into everything much deeper and concluding with a psychosomatic act to make a conscious shift in the subconscious programming we have uncovered over the 30 days, and conclude this commitment.


£100 for the 30 day course

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