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Are you feeling disillusioned or disconnected? 

Maybe you have come to a point where you are asking yourself "is this what my life is about?"

Or perhaps you are simply aware that your mental health requires some taking care of...

Wherever you may be, there is a path to come into your own power and live your life to the fullest.

There is a way to let go of what does not serve us.


We can unlearn our conditioning, and allow ourselves to be the best version of who we really are.

All it requires is your commitment. 

The Programme

The programmes are comprised of two parts, Movement and Mindset.

After the initial meridian yoga therapy consultation session, which in itself provides much to work with, a custom programme will be made for you to follow, working towards your aims and goals.

There are three options for the programme:

Download a brochure for more info

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