They say don't run before you can walk.

But why walk before you have learnt to sit still?

Expand your awareness by refining your concentration and focus.

I wrote a book on meditation

Not 'The' book, but a book nonetheless.

I initially set out with the intention to make a quick guide to help people with meditation during the first 2020 lockdown, but the guide became a book of my whole course, plus all the extra things I had never had the time to go into.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, or brand new to the whole thing, this book may provide the tips and insights to help you set yourself up with a successful meditation practice. Not only when you sit, but throughout the rest of your life too.

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6 classes on how to master meditation, starting off with the very foundations of the practice, moving into ways to deepen your meditation and explore how to bring it into your everyday life.


The course is aimed at anyone interested in meditation, whether you may have practised before or not at all. The framework of the course uses the ‘Koshas’, the layers of ourselves, to move deeper into the quiet and stillness that can be found inside of all of us at our very core.


We will first explore how to relax properly, and then take our awareness through our physical, energetic, emotional, mental and intellectual layers of the Self. If that all goes well, you may even get a peek at the True Self! Questions and discussions are encouraged, and I offer support before, during and beyond the course at any time.


It is recommended that the course is followed in the framework given, with the time between each class a valuable chance to work with what you have learnt before the next step.


Read about my first meditation course and the benefits found after an 8 week programme here

​​It is a £25 deposit (non-refundable) to book your spot on the course, and then £50 once the course begins. Deposit is payable by bank transfer so please get in contact to request the details.

Once full payment is made, you will be able to attend all future meditation courses for free in case you missed anything, would like to have some revision, or see if I have anything new to share!


Benefits of meditation

- Taking control of a noisy mind


- Finding peace in times of storms


- Sleep quality improves, becoming easier and deeper


- Reduction of sensitivity to pain


- Cope with emotional and physical sufferings better

- Overall health improves as the immune system is strengthened

- Have a moment of time dedicated to you to give yourself a break

- The ability to explore the levels of this experience, of reality

Many more to be uncovered in the course!​

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