Before modern medicine, there was

and still is, original medicine.

Heal yourself in the ways that our ancestors did.


What is Shamanism?

Back when our ancestors lived in smaller tribes and closer with nature, the Shaman was the healer, the medicine man. The world is still full of Shamans, healers found in the tribes who still live the primal and "primitive" ways. To be labelled as Shaman was a great honour and not a title one could give to themselves. It had to be earned.

Healers have been around since before records began, existing in many different cultures and working in many different ways, all influenced by their environment and the lives that the people had in their times. We may be slightly less connected to nature than those that came before us, but in terms of history this is a mere moment compared to the millions of years that we have evolved our human forms in line with Life.

I practice shamanic methods of healing, looking to find the original ways of healing and by using the medicines in nature rather than those found in modern medicine cabinets. The difference between plants and pharmaceuticals is that the former works with your immune system where as the latter works for the immune system. If we allow our immune system to do the work itself, it will know how to deal with the same issues later down the line, but when we allow something to do the work for our immune system then the body will always need the same medicine to deal with the problem, creating a dependency on something that tends to need higher and higher doses.

Shamanic methods help us to deal with the cause of our issues where as most modern methods tend to focus predominately on the symptoms.

The roots of ill health can be found in environment, diet or a result of psychosomatic reasons (relating to the mind and body connection, an illness caused or aggravated by the mental state.)

I used to suffer with a terrible skin issue that covered most of my face and scalp, and when i went to modern doctors they gave me steroid creams and ointments that although would suppress the symptoms for a period of time, caused the problem to come back more and more aggressively, spreading more and more. The cause of the problem was a combination of psychosomatic reasons, gut issues and a diet problem.

When I had "depression", a label i was given after answering 7 questions on a piece of paper that asked me to answer on a scale of 1-5 how depressed i was and how much i wanted to kill myself etc. I was given strong tablets to take daily. These did not help the issue, they simply forced my chemistry to be different to a point that I felt nothing anymore. There was barely any pain, but the cost was that I barely felt any joy either. I was a zombie, I felt numb. I was simply existing, not living. The root of my problem was a mental one, a suppression of emotion and a lack of understanding.

Pain is communication, the intelligence of our body letting us know that something must be repaired. Pain is healing. Suffering is a choice, the decision to hide from pain or to suppress it, disrupting the healing of the body and causing it to continue indefinitely.

There is still a place for modern medicines, I am not saying one is wrong or one is right, but I feel the more aggressive methods of dealing with health issues should be a last resort when the gentler ways of old have not succeeded.


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