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Max makes yoga fun & accessible for all levels. His classes have enough humour & fun but retain focus on why we are there. I'd recommend Max's classes to both beginners & those who want to push their limits too. My friends & I have been attending his classes for a number of months now & always feel energised afterwards & like we've had a serious workout.


— Alex Turton

One of the highlights of my week! 
Having never done yoga before I was uncertain about joining a class, but felt welcome straight away.
I have definitely improved and have more flexibility. The next day aches are worth it!

—  Kate Liggett

Max’s classes are incredibly relaxed and welcoming for all ages, backgrounds and experience levels. He has a great system where you can drop in and out whenever you fancy for people with busy evenings. 
I highly recommend his meditation class. He is so helpful to his students inside and outside of classes and very approachable. His knowledge and enthusiasm for yoga and meditation really inspired and helped calm the storm during difficult times. I’m glad I’ve found max’s Yoga and meditation classes and look forward to learning from him in the future.

— Daisy Meyer

Max is one very amazing and dedicated meditation teacher. I am sure that he will touch the lives of many people in a very special and profound way.

—  Naoimh Jones

I started coming to Max's classes a couple of months ago on a recommendation from a friend and I love the classes. Max is a fab teacher, I started as a complete beginner and was welcomed straight away, the classes are relaxed enough that you don't feel self conscious but I always push myself and leave feeling energised.

—  Jess Lawson

Max's yoga classes are a wonderful challenge to your existing practise as he encourages you to go further with options galore in all the poses. His instruction is clear and easy to follow and the class always goes very quickly thanks to the natural flow of his direction. Thank you Maxi!

— C. Christie.

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