Support each other!

Below are some shops I've found and love so wanted to share!

My good friends over at Global Emporium have been trading at festivals since 1981, so if you have been to any at all there is a good chance you have  probably stumbled into their tent at some point! If you have seen me in my 'hippy hoody', this is the place that I got it from, along with my didgeridoo and so much other stuff. You will also find some photos of me glamorously modelling some garms...

There are some really awesome things to buy from the guys over at Japa, super unique and ethical gifts to treat yourself or others! They also have a blog which various people write for, with articles covering things like 'sustainable music festivals' to 'being a mindful mum.'


I met these guys at Om Yoga Show in 2016 and they have got the nicest, top quality incense sticks I have ever come across. They are all vegan and ethically produced in India with pure essential oils, and if you buy just one then make sure you get 'Prema' as the smell is my absolute favourite!

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