• Max Walsh

The big news.

In July, I will have been running yoga classes in this area for the last 6 years. In July is when I will stop running these classes.

I have been telling myself for too long that I’m going to leave this country. The last couple of years interrupted any plans I had in mind and I slipped into a comfortable lifestyle, forgetting dreams of sunny skies in foreign lands. I snapped out of it a while ago, but I was not in any position to leave and it seemed impossible to achieve because of ”this” reason or “that“ reason.

So I’m just going for it. If I keep waiting for the perfect time, it’ll never arrive.

My tenancy is up at the end of June and that’ll be my cue to hop on a flight and get out of here.

Over the next couple of months I will be selling everything I own and teaching as much as I can, but also figuring out with you, my yoga community, what I can offer online to stay connected as I wander the world.

I am currently looking at setting up a Patreon account, an online membership service where I can upload yoga classes on a monthly basis and, if possible, offer online live classes. I would like to continue my podcasts, interviewing facilitators of their healing methods as I meet them, and offer a travelling vlog of some kind to document where I am and what I learn as I go.

It is my family and my yoga community that have been the only things in my life making this decision an emotional one for me. In a very non-yoga fashion, I am very attached to my classes, and to so many of you that I have seen on an almost weekly basis for many years now. I have come from being a very lonely, ill and isolated individual into a very happy healthy man surrounded by so many wonderful, kind and supportive people. My classes are the highlights of my week, and I will miss them, and you.

It’s a strange dynamic, being a yoga teacher with “students“ attending classes because although I understand that is the paradigm, in truth, to me, you are all my friends that I care about very much.

I will be elaborating more over the next few weeks, but for now I just wanted to share this news with you all so that you have time to use up any classes you may have bought.

With love. Max.

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