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There will always be doubts

Many times during my teacher training I believed I would never actually teach. That I would finish the course and that would be it. A few times I considered giving up completely. But now I'm about to teach class #161.

Even though I've taught this many classes, I can still get the thoughts of self judgment and doubts that have held me back in he past, still whispering in my ear that I'm not going to do a good job, that I'm going to screw up and fail. And I hope it never leaves me.

I will listen to that doubt. I accept that it is possible that I may fail. It is the fuel that pushes me to be better. To try harder. To continue to grow and adapt. A thought is not a fact, but it can be a possibility. Rejecting it, hiding from it and pretending it doesn't have an element of Truth causes it to grow and manifest. The Truth is the most powerful energy of all. Use it.

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