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Something will grow

I have a few potted plants that I am in a never-ending battle to keep them clinging to life…yet despite my best efforts the majority end up going for the crispy brown leaf look. When yet another leafy friend of mine went to the giant rainforest in the sky, for some reason I continued to water it. For ages it seemed I was watering a dead plant. And that’s because I was! Yet for months I continued to keep the soil damp for reasons unknown. After many more months, one day I noticed a single shoot breaking though the soil, and as more time passed, other shoots began to sprout! My seemingly futile efforts had paid off. With yoga (and maybe some other things), sometimes we are expecting an outcome from our practice, yet despite our efforts, the fruit of our labours seems to refuse to blossom. The way of yoga is to let go of this expectation, and allow whatever is going to happen, happen. Clear the mind, and feel into the body. Clear expectations and feel sensations. In time, you’ll find your efforts rewarded with a cornucopia of fruits, flowers and foliage, far exceeding any expectations you could have ever had.

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